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The Faculty of Medicine began offering postgraduate Masters and PhD programmes in 2005. Research areas include athrerosclerosis, embryology & reproductive biology, glaucoma, neuroscience, molecular medicine, natural products,oxidative stress, clinical trials and many others. Facilities for research that are available includes Institute for Molecular Medical Biotechnology(IMMB), Cebtre for Neuroscience(Neuron), Centre for Pathology Diagnostic & Research Laboratories (CPDRL), Centre for Translational Research (CenTRe) and Animal Research Facilities (LACU) located within the campus.

In 2011, the faculty embarked on clinical postgraduate programmes for specialty training in fields of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and followed by Pathology. More programmes will be offered in the near future such as rehabilitation medicine, emergency medicine and radiology. Gradually, training will be conducted in all clinical specialities. Fellowship training in emergency medicine (Ultrasound in Critical Care) and respiratory medicine is conducted throughout the year. Soon, a similar programme in cardiology will be offered. These fellowship programmes are well accepted locally and amongst countries within the region. Currently the faculty is the only medical school in Malaysia that offers the Medical Ethics & Jurisprudence programme. This is a taught course conducted over three semesters and its gaining its popularity.

All of these programmes is under the management of Centre for Graduate Studies, Headed by the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate & Professional Training.


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