The birth
In the early stages of the Faculty of Medicine establishment, this department was under the auspices of the Surgical Science Cluster with only a handful of lecturers and expatriate surgeons. In 2005, the Cluster was led by a leading Neurosurgeon, Prof. Dr Ahmad Zubaidi Abdul Latif. Under his leadership, the Cluster has actively embraced young doctors’ participation as Bumiputera trainee lecturers to be the department’s future driving force.

The Cluster was then helmed by Prof. Dr Normalina Mansor, an ophthalmologist, and continued by Prof. Dr Suneet Sood. During his tenure, teaching and learning activities for surgical students are carried out at the affiliated UiTM teaching hospitals under the Ministry of Health, Malaysia (MOH), namely Sg Buloh and Selayang Hospitals. UiTM lecturers conducted their clinical activities and surgical services for patients together with MOH surgeons in these hospitals.

The crawl
In 2009, three trainee lecturers from this department (Dr Nurhashim Haron, Dr Ahmad Ramzi Yusoff, and Dr Adli Azam Mohamad Razi) completed their Master of Surgery at the University of Malaya. They returned to serve as full-time lecturers and surgeons. The Clinical Training Centre (CTC) of Selayang and Sg Buloh Campuses have just been completed and operational. The General Surgery Unit started its first outpatient services at both campuses in 2010. Inpatient ward admission and surgical operation were booming in CTC Sg Buloh’s following year, with the inaugural surgical procedure under general anaesthesia (performed by Dr Ahmad Ramzi Yusoff and Dr Nurhashim Haron and assisted by anaesthesiologist Dr Mafeitzeral Mamat) on May 11, 2011. That blissful day witnessed the inauguration of CTC operating room and intensive care unit, which later catapulted the clinical activities and confidence of other cluster members from Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic, and Gynaecology to offer their services in CTC Sg Buloh.

The stride
Prof. Datuk Dr Ahmad Ridzwan Arshad, a prominent Plastic Surgeon, took over the cluster leadership in 2012 and set up the Surgical Discipline under the cluster umbrella to meet the demand of an increasing number of lecturers, surgeons, undergraduate students, and departmental activities. Under the helm of Dr Yahya Mohd Aripin, a Breast, and Endocrine Surgeon, he consolidated the undergraduate teaching and learning activities and augmented the clinical and operative activities. Surgical Discipline began to welcome the returning of several full-fledged lecturers and surgeons from their stint and developing several subspecialties, i.e., laparoscopy and robotics, breast and endocrine, hepatobiliary, urological, colorectal, endoscopy, and upper gastrointestinal.

The leaps and bounds
In 2018, under the tutelage of Prof. Dr Karis Misiran, a renowned anesthesiologist, Surgical Science Cluster had been relinquished, and the faculty has upgraded Surgical Discipline into a separate entity known as the Department of Surgery. It comprises of General Surgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The department’s excellence is upheld by Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Ramzi Yusoff, the first Hepatobiliary surgeon ever produced by UiTM, from September 2018 until the present replacing Dr Yahya.

The following year saw the revision and restructuring exercise to UiTM’s surgical undergraduate curriculum through an intense workshop conducted by the department. The surgical curriculum implemented for the last 10 years was revamped and reshuffled. Its educational objectives were refined, and its learning outcome was realigned with the faculty's new vision and mission.

The clinical services in CTC Sg Buloh, which is now known as UiTM Medical Specialist Centre (UiTMSC), have expanded into the provision of more and more complicated hepatobiliary services (e.g., liver resections, pancreaticoduodenectomy, ERCP) as well as other surgeries across all divisions (e.g., endoscopic thyroidectomy, oncoplastic breast surgery, robotic hernia repair, living donor renal transplantation, VATS, MIS-CABG, cleft lip, and major plastic and reconstructive surgeries, etc.)

The department has also managed to secure a number of research grants and innovation awards through several clinical and research projects, among its accolade.
With the upcoming Hospital UiTM in Puncak Alam in 2021 and soon to be offered postgraduate Master of Surgery UiTM in 2020, our strength and growth will be exponential.

Functional Chart

Organisational Chart


General Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Upcoming Events

13 April 2021: Weekly CME - Guidelines in Managing Complicated Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD)
Presenter: Dr Mohd Fazreen
Supervisor: Dr Yahya Mohd Aripin

Venue: Departmemnt Meeting Room, Level 6, Academic Building, Clinical Training Centre.


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