The Department of Ophthalmology in UiTM was established in 2004 with one lecturer and one trainee and has since evolved into a centre where the focus on Research and Innovation has been well harmonized with Clinical, Surgical and Teaching commitments.
Our Ophthalmology Clinic is located in CTC at the Sungai Buloh UiTM Campus, where we run General Ophthalmology and Glaucoma clinics. We also conduct Optometrist Clinics, which focus mainly on refractive error and ocular screening. We also perform our surgical services in the Operation Theatre in CTC. The department also runs an Optical Kiosk, where we provide affordable spectacles for our patients, staff and students.
Teaching is mainly with the 4th Year Medical students during their specialty posting, as well as lectures for undergraduate Optometry students. We have expanded into online learning and have initiated education via social media with our Department Instagram , Twitter and TikTok accounts. Members of our department have published many peer-reviewed articles involving unique clinical cases as well as molecular studies pertaining to Ophthalmology.
Our team is dedicated to the betterment of education and are involved in award-winning innovations, in particular our Massive Open Online Learning (MOOC) entitled ‘One Minute Ophthalmology’ and our FAST flashcards - screening aids for the detection of refractive errors.



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