Medical Student Association (MESTA) from the Faculty of Medicine UiTM is one of the first associations established among medical students since the faculty was established in 2003. The main function of this association is to provide a suitable platform for medical students to hold and participate in activities that can lead student development in medical and non -medical knowledge. The association also plays a role in strengthening academic development in the faculty through the involvement of students with the faculty administration as well as holding activities that emphasize the improvement and advancement of medical knowledge among the members of the association. Among the activities that have given the most significant positive impact include ‘Medical Olympiad’ (Pre-Clinical & Clinical), ‘Tour De Medicine’ to national and international educational institutions, ‘Annual Grand Dinner’ and Prayer of Wishes. Students will also be involved in community welfare activities to villages throughout Malaysia known as Bakti Siswa (BAKSIS).
Red: Symbolizes the spirit of MESTA members to plan quality programs to improve the skills of UiTM Medical Faculty students in various aspects.

Blue: Symbolizes the professionalism and sincerity of MESTA members to carry out assigned responsibilities.

White: Symbolizes the purity, sincerity and determination of MESTA members to look after the welfare of the students of the Faculty of Medicine.

Embracing People Symbol: Symbolizes the togetherness and unity of MESTA members.
To make the Medical Student Association (MESTA) as an ideal platform to drive the excellence of UiTM Medical Faculty students both in terms of medical and non -medical knowledge to produce excellent, competitive and ethical medical graduates
To lead and increase the knowledge and skills of medical students of the Faculty of Medicine UiTM in medical and non -medical fields by creating programs that can develop students holistically complete with ethics and professionalism

1. To glorify the name and raise the image of the MARA Association and University of Technology.
2. To exercise all the powers of the Association.
3. To cultivate the spirit of life as an association among University students or groups of University students or college inmates, as the case may be.
4. To exercise, implement and discharge in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976 all powers, duties and responsibilities conferred, held or imposed on the Association by those provisions.
5. To carry out such other activities as may be determined by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs or his representative from time to time.
6. To encourage student involvement in organizing activities at the faculty and university levels.
7. To involve students in academics, sports, welfare and social activities
8. To establish diplomatic relations with local and international universities among medical universities and non -medical universities

Objective : Creating an intellectual relationship between the UiTM medical students association (MESTA) and the UM medical students association as well as promoting the name of the UiTM Medical Faculty among other local medical universities.

Tour De Medicine participants from the Faculty of Medicine UiTM and the University of Malaya.

Objective : Provide preparation and early exposure to Year 2, 4 and 5 medical students to face the ‘Professional Examination’ as well as train and cultivate critical thinking skills in solving health problems experienced by patients.


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