The Medical Ethics & Law Department offers the Master in Medical Ethics & Medical Jurisprudence (MD775) Programme

The following is a list of dissertation projects by students who have completed the Master in Medical Ethics & Medical Jurisprudence programme

No. Year Student Name Title
1 2016-2017 Dr. Fathimah Az-Zahra’ Sallehuddin The Opting-In Scheme: Legal Analysis on the Organ Procurement System in Malaysia
2 2017-2018 Dr. Abdullah Ali Gillick Competent Model for Malaysian Children
3 Dr. Astrid Sinarti Hassan The Rights of an Unborn Child beyond Abortion in Malaysia
4 Dr. Lydia Aiseah Ariffin Examining Patient’s Right to Information in Informed Consent
5 Dr. Mimi Zalwani Zakaria Home Birth in Malaysia: A View on Legality and Ethical Perspectives
6 Mr. Shahrir Ridha Shaharuddin A Study on Legal and Ethical Basis for Medical Apology in Malaysia
7 2018-2019 Dr. Muhammad Zaid Muuti Telemedicine in Malaysia: Ethical Aspect on Utilizing Teleconsultation for Patient Care
8 Dr. Sirena Anne Maiks Ethical and Legal Issues in Aesthetic Medical Practice in Medicine
9 Dr. Rafidah Bolhassan Patients’ Right to Access Medical Records in Malaysia
10 2019-2020 Dr. Hafizah Zainal Abidin Ethical Issues on the Factors Involved in Terminating Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by Healthcare Providers
11 Mr. Muhammad Shaiful Jasni The Benefits and Harms of Robotic Assisted Surgery in Malaysia: An Ethico-Legal Analysis
12 Dr. Amnah Azahar Informed Consent Approached in Malaysian Biobanking for Research Purposes and Its Ethical Challenges
13 Dr. Hazdalila Yais Haji Razali Clinical Ethics Committees in Malaysia: A Feasibility Study
14 2020-2021 Dr. Azman Johari Presumed Consent Model for Deceased Organ Donation in Malaysia: A Comparative Study
15 Dr. Inah Ja Abd Jalil Analysing the legal perspectives on mental capacity in making medical decisions in Malaysia
16 Dr. Mohd Azran Hafiz Ahmad Developing A Regulatory Framework on Laser and Light Treatments By Non-Medical Practitioners In Malaysia's Beauty Industry
17 Dr. Nadya Izzati Soaib Implementing Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method in the Malaysian Public Healthcare Setting: A Feasibility Study

The following is a list of dissertation projects by current students in the Master in Medical Ethics & Medical Jurisprudence programme

No. Year Student Name Title
1 2021-2022 Dr Mohd Faizal Azizan A Comparative Study on the Evaluation oof Patients’ Satisfaction on Endoscopic Procedure Between PreFilled Consent Form and Standard Hand-Written Consent Form in Hospital Kuala Lipis
2 Dr Aimi Mohd Yunus Medico-Ethical Considerations for Legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis in Malaysia
3 Dr Helwa Husna Katiman Doctors’ Ethical Dilemmas at the Interface of Conventional Medicine and Traditional & Complementary Medicine in Malaysia: Analysis and Recommendations
4 Ms. Anis Amira binti Azmi Proposing a Guideline on Social Media Usage for Medical Practitioners in Malaysia
5 Ms. Nur Shafiqah binti Md Ethuhar Ethical and Legal Considerations in Regulating Remote Mental Health Services in Malaysia
6 Ms. Nur Izleen binti Rosli Examining the Legal and Ethical Framework in Protecting Children when Parents and Doctors Disagree on Medical Treatment in Malaysia

The following is a list of projects by external postgraduate students conducting research in a related subject that are (co)supervised by members of the Medical Ethics & Law Department

No. Year Student Name Course Title
1 2021-2023 Dr Nurhidayah Janapi Master of Clinical Oncology (Universiti Malaya) An Advance Directive Survey of Patient’s Knowledge, Attitude and Experience in Oncology Department: a Multicenter Study


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