UiTM Medical Faculty Harmony Student Association Sungai Buloh Campus is one of the new associations established at UiTM Medical Faculty. This association is a volunteer association established on 5 September 2019. A total of 54 people are registered as members consisting of students of the Faculty of Medicine UiTM Sg Buloh Campus.
Position   Name
President : Abdullah Shakirin Bin Zainuden
Vice President 1 : Noor Syafiqah Binti Sukhairul
Vice President 2 : Muhammad Raszil Bin Abd Rashid
Secretary 1 : Nursyazwani Izzati Binti Saiful Bahri
Secretary 2 : Siti Norhakimah Binti Roszi
Treasurer 1 : Anis Sorfina Binti Mohd Fadzil
Treasurer 2 : Ahmad Akmal Faruqi Bin Aisharuddin
Chief Exco for Spirituality & Welfare : Nur Syafiqah Bt Ahmad Rizal
Assistant Chief Exco for Spirituality & Welfare : Nur Abidah Aqilah Binti Muhamad Rizal
Chief Exco of Mutimedia : Sarah Nurliyana Binti Rosli
Assistant Chief Exco of Mutimedia : Alia Nabila Binti Mohd Shahiruakmal
Chief Diplomatic Exco : Ahmad Saiful Ridzuan Bin Shaik Anuar
Assistant Chief Diplomatic Exco : Muhammad Rafiq Bin Rahmad
Chief Entrepreneurship Exco : Nurul Afiqah Binti Azman
Assistant Chief Entrepreneurship Exco : Nur Maizzah Binti Mohd Nazam
Chief Exco Leadership : Nurul Najat Binti Mat Rose
Assistant Chief Exco Leadership : Nur Syazwani Puteri Binti Razimi
The campus community is in harmony with the values of manners and noble morals.
1. Memperkasakan pembangunan Mahasiswa dari aspek professionalisme dan kesukarelawanan.
2. To produce students who are caring and active in community service and universal humanity.
3. To produce competent leaders with integrity among students.
4. Mobilize the strength of students through consensus and strategic cooperation.

A student association that produces individuals who have noble morals, are active in community service and strengthen the brotherhood of fellow human beings.

Harmoni Webinar Series
Objective : Provide early exposure to students about the realities of a doctor's life in the world of work while giving aspirations to medical students to become a great doctor.

Harmoni’s Frunliner 2021
Objective : To be one of the platforms for UiTM Sungai Buloh residents in providing contributions to health workers involved in the COVID-19 pandemic mission.

Faceshield Hero 2021
Objective : To provide space for UiTM Sungai Buloh students to be involved in contributing to health workers involved in the COVID-19 pandemic mission.

Karnival Kesihatan Gombak 2019 & Sg Buloh 2020
Objective : Provide health care awareness to the indigenous communities of Gombak and Sg Buloh through Family Health talks as well as provide health screening services to the indigenous community.

‘Back To School’ 2019 Programme
Objective : To help asnaf students prepare for the 2020 school session.


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