General Surgery Introduction

The faculty has upgraded Surgical Discipline into a separate entity known as the Department of Surgery. It comprises of General Surgery, Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The department’s excellence is upheld by Associate Professor Dr Ahmad Ramzi Yusoff, the first Hepatobiliary surgeon ever produced by UiTM, from September 2018 until the present replacing Dr Yahya. 

In general, the department consist of smaller units consisting of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgrey Unit, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit and lsat but not least the General Surgery Unit.

As the name suggests, General Surgery unit comprises of surgical disciplines ranging from performing General Surgery works and currently, we are blessed to have consultants in sub specialities:
  • Hepatobilliary Surgery: Assoc Professor Dr Ahmad Ramzi Bin Yusoff
  • Breast & Endocrine Surgery: Mr Yahya Mohd Aripin, Ms Nor Faezan Abd Rashid & Ms Suraya Othman. 
Our department is expanding exponentially with few more sub-specialists are due to return and provide more expertise within the surgical fraternity. We are hoping to provide services from all General Surgery Disciplines once all our trainees are back from their training in the future.
  • Colorectal Surgery: Ms Mayuha Rusli
  • Urology: Mr Zainal Adwin Zainal Abiddin
  • Upper GI, Bariatric & Minimally Invasive Surgery: Ms Theeva Krishnasamy
With clinical excelllence in mind, the Department is in the progress of moving forward to provide Specialist training for General Surgeons in the ner future.

General Surgery Services

The department is currently servicing our University Teknologi MARA Medical Centre, located at the Sungai Buloh Campus, Selangor. at the moment, we perform majority of the General Surgery works as well as sub-speciality expertise from Hepatobilliary Surgery and the Breast & Endocrine Surgery services as in and out-patient services.

Common surgery cases are seen through out out-patient department clinics. Diagnostic endoscopy are done in our Daycare Surgery Centre and last but not least, our Elective and Emergency Operations are done in our General Operation Theatre here in Sungai Buloh.

We also have a good networking of experts from around the Klang Valley and perform complex surgeries hand-in-hand with national experts.

With the completion of the brand new Hospital Pengajar UiTM (HPU), soon we will embark on a new turf and a new journey to provide clinical excellence along the way as to prove that we can become the nation's leading service provider and training centre.

Teaching & Training in General Surgery

The Department of Surgery is also well committed in teaching and training our next generation of Doctors. We provide a wholistic approach towards learning on how to communicate, diagnose and plan for definitive treatment for surgical cases.

Students are allowed to join and follow our ward rounds as well as contribute in the day-to-day clinical discussion and maturing the thought process as well as achieving good clinical accuments in order to perform to the highest standards in clinical services, from the bedside for the nation.

We believe good clinical exposure in junior years is the best mode of teaching and training to the young future doctors. Therefore, students are expected to be part of the team in managing in-patients, following the patients care progress inclussive of oberving diagnostic endoscopies and even allowed to observe in definitive surgeries.


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