The Department of Anatomy is one of four pre-clinical department previously under the
Cluster of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM. It is responsible for the
teaching of human anatomy for undergraduate medical programme ( Year 1 to 5 ).
Our strong research focuses on the broad field of cell biology, with research interests
ranging from the natural products, phytoestrogens to genetic and molecular regulation
of embryo and foetal development and anatomy of the adult body.
  The Department of Anatomy is one of four pre-clinical departments, which is previously under the Basic Medical Sciences Cluster, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM. The main activity of the department is to provide teaching and learning of Human Anatomy for Year 1 to Year 5 Undergraduate MBBS 220 programme. We also involve in teaching Anatomy to our Surgical and Medical-based Post graduate programmes such as Clinical Masters Cardiothoracic and Psychiatry programme. All our staffs are actively involved in research for Undergraduate (Year 2 Elective Programme) and Postgraduate (Masters of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy programmes). All research in the department are funded by internal and external grants, secured by our academic staffs.
  The department is also being helped by the Anatomy laboratory staffs who are actively involved in the preparation of Anatomy teaching and learning materials, such as in Histology slides preparation and dissecting specimens. All the dissected specimens are kept in the jars made by our staffs and ready to be used for the teaching and learning process. Various specimens that are being kept in the jars are on display in the Anatomy Dissection Hall (ADH) and in the Museum. Our ADH is adequately spacious and provide comfort to the students in learning Anatomy, as one of the core subjects in Medicine.
  All staff, both academic and laboratory staff are determined, hardworking, ambitious, passionate and always strive for success and this would bring the department as one of the best Anatomy departments.

- Dr. Nurul Raudzah Adib Ridzuan -


Makmal Anatomi,
Bangunan Anatomi, Tingkat 5,
Fakulti Perubatan, Universiti Teknologi MARA,
Kampus Sungai Buloh, Cawangan Selangor,
47000 Jalan Hospital, Sungai Buloh,
Selangor, MALAYSIA

   +6 (03) 6126 7453



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