Deputy Dean’s Office (Academic)

Academic Affairs
Manage the interview of new students
Manage the registration of new students
Manage the registration of active students (year 2 to 5)
Manage appeal process made by unsuccessful candidates into MBBS 240 program
Manage applications to withdraw from MBBS 240 program
Manage applications for study deferment
Manage the appointment of Invited Lecturer, Honorary Academician, Adjunct Professor, External Examiners
Prepare paperwork for any Academic related matters for endorsement at JKP, JTK Meeting & etc.
Prepare paperwork for any Curriculum related matters for endorsement at JKIKU Meeting
Prepare Academic Calendar of MBBS240 Program for every Academic Session
Manage the promotion of MBBS240 program at UiTM Perform, Ekspo Selangkah UiTM & etc.
Assist in handling poster presentations for the Elective program (Year 2 & 3 Students)
Assist in teaching & learning session
Manage convocation related matters
Manage student academic disciplinary related matters
Manage PRO-PENS & SUFO for each Semester
Manage patient payments for teaching & learning session
Manage part time lecturer claims
Assist in MyATP related matters
Examination Affairs
Manage Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year Examination Pre-Clinical Assessment
Manage the preparation of Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year examinations question papers
Prepare examinations schedule for Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year
Manage the conduct of Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year examinations
Manage the assessment of the Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year examinations
Manage examination results to be presented at Examiners Board, JAF and JPKSK Meeting
Prepare final results to inform students
Manage appeals for remarking of examination results
Prepare paperwork for endorsement of Professional Examination results at Senate Meeting
Manage the disposal of Pre-Clinical Year and Clinical Year examination related documents
Key-in result in the SIMS
Prepare students attendance report
Prepare bar letter for students from sitting exams
Manage patient, external examiners and any examination related payments
Prepare copies of transcripts to students
Prepare appointment letters for invigilator, examiners and support staff for the exam
Student Affairs
Manage and update student files and records
Update student information in the SIMS
Manage scholarship/student loan applications
Update student status reports every semester to scholarship/loan providers
Manage student status confirmation letter applications
Manage student complaints
Administrative Affairs
Manage and record in/out department letter
Manage department files
Manage department meeting
Manage booking for examination hall, meeting, auditoriums, seminars & SGS rooms
Manage food orders for programs, activities and meetings
Manage staff attendance record
Manage staff leave application
Manage department stuff such as stationary, paper and etc
Manage any office related matters payments
: Salina Abdul Wahab
: Senior Assistant Registrar (N44)
: 603-6126 7019
: Nurrein Marlia Omar
: Executive Officer (N29)
: 603-6126 4819
: Syed Muhamad Naqib Syed Mohd Abd Ghani
: Executive Officer (N29)
: 603-6126 7021
: Amalina Izzah Roslan
: Senior Administrative Assistant (N22)
: 603-6126 7000
: Siti Hasnah Mat
: Senior Administrative Assistant (N22)
: 03-6126 4856
: Fatin Farhana Mukahalan
: Secretary (N19)
: 603-6126 7000
: Maizatul Azwa Meor Sulman
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 4853
: Nur Alya Aminuddin
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 4637
: Hasnita Hasan Budin
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 4900
: Noor Yanti Akiran
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 7000
: Roshdafina Ahmad Kamal
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 7000
: Mohd Fairuzdin Mohd Sham
: Administrative Assistant (N19)
: 603-6126 7000
: Mohd Nizzam Rosli
: Senior Operational Assistant (N14)
: 603-6126 4664
: Nazrulhisham Mahmud
: Operational Assistant (N11)
: 603-6126 4854
Academic Affairs
Examination Schedule
Academic Rules and Regulations
Examination Affairs
Book : Examination Rules & Regulation
Form : Application for remarking of examination papers
Flowchart : Bar from Examination
Form : Attendance sheet of Examiners for Theory Exam
Student Affairs
Withdrawn Form
MC Form
Administrative Affairs
Claim : Pensyarah Sambilan
Claim : Invited Lecturers/Honorary Academician
Form : Meeting between Deputy Dean Academic/Year Coordinators/Clinical Coordinators with Students
Flowchart : Workflow for lecturers of Faculty of Medicine to claim TLA at other faculty
Flowchart : Elective Attachment in Faculty of Medicine UiTM/HASA, UiTM
Form : Elective Attachment in Faculty of Medicine UiTM/HASA, UiTM
Room Booking
Equipment Booking


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