This isEmergency MedicineDepartment


The Department of Emergency Medicine is a branch of the medical specialties that care for urgent medical conditions and injuries. Most of the patients are unscheduled and undifferentiated, with patients from all walks of life and age. We are staffed by emergency physicians who are trained in emergency medicine, with interests  in critical care ultrasonography, geriatric emergency medicine, disaster medicine, pre-hospital care and wilderness medicine. The emergency physicians are involved in postgraduate and undergraduate teachings in emergency medicine, on top of research, innovation and community based projects.


Our Emergency Department at PPUITM and HUITM provides emergency services with emergency physician and medical officer coverage, with access to other specialty consultation. The Emergency Department provides evaluation and treatment to patients who present with an acute emergency condition such as trauma, chest pain and shortness of breath. In the case of an acutely ill patient, resuscitation and stabilisation will be conducted in the Resuscitation Zone under the guidance of the Emergency Physician on duty. The department is also staffed with emergency nurses and assistant medical officers with specialised training in pre- hospital care, trauma and advanced life support.




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