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Dean and Deputy Deans of Faculty of Medicine,UiTM
Prof. Dr. Mohd Zamrin Dimon
DeanProf. Dr. Mohd Zamrin Dimon
Prof. Dr. Effat Omar
Deputy Dean Academic & StudentProf. Dr. Effat Omar
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thuhairah Hasrah Abdul Rahman
Deputy Dean Research & InnovationAssoc. Prof. Dr. Thuhairah Hasrah Abdul Rahman
Prof. Dr. Rohana Binti Abdul Ghani
Deputy Dean Postgraduate & Professional TrainingProf. Dr. Rohana Binti Abdul Ghani
Prof Dr. Ariza Adnan
Deputy Dean Industry, Community and Alumni Network)Prof Dr. Ariza Adnan

Dean's Office

Academic & Student Deputy Dean's Office

Research & Innovation Deputy Dean's Office

Postgraduate & Professional Training Deputy Dean's Office

Industry, Community & Alumni Network Deputy Dean's Office

Faculty's Objective

Objective's of Faculty of Medicine,UiTM

To provide maximum opportunities for Bumiputera to pursue professional study in medical related programmes.

  • To provide quality and innovative medical programmes of study relevant to current market needs and customer demands, and in line with policies of national development.
  • To establish a human resource development programme as a tool for the assimilation of a value system within the faculty community.
  • To ensure that Medical Faculty graduates are adequately prepared to join the local as well as the global workforce.
  • To establish Medical Faculty as a centre of excellence that is accountable for the effective and efficient management of its human resources, finances and assets in order to achieve its educational objectives, while playing its role as a catalyst in community development.

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Faculty of Medicine,
Universiti Teknologi MARA,
Sungai Buloh Campus, Selangor Branch,
47000 Jalan Hospital, Sungai Buloh,
Selangor, MALAYSIA

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