Biostatistics Consultancy Service

Welcome to BCS

Biostatistics Consultancy Service (BCS) which is a collaborative initiative between the faculty’s Research Office and the Department of Public Health Medicine. The BCS was established to provide statistical services to the faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students in a way to support research activities within the faculty.

BCS offers advice and guidance on biostatistics for the purpose of preparing research proposals, data analysis of research projects for publication purposes, as well as increasing continuous education through training programmes for members of the faculty. This consultation service aims to create a conducive research environment within the faculty.


Consultation Appointment

Three simple steps of A-B-C to book the consultation appointment:

Our Booking Policy

  1. Please be punctual to the booking appointment.
  2. For post-graduate candidates, please ensure that you have received a review on your topic by your supervisor and have clear written objectives.
  3. For research proposal development, please bring TWO (2) or THREE (3) relevant key papers for reference.
  4. For data analysis service, please ensure the data is cleaned and explored before the consultation.
  5. Each session takes approximately 20-30 minutes, if you require more than 30 minutes, please make another appointment.
  6. For further enquiries, please email to


BCS Webinar Series and Workshops

BCS Webinar Series and Workshops Year 2021:

Tentative dates(10am-1pm) Tentative titles
20 January Keys to writing a research proposal: TIPS in getting it right
25 February Application of meta-analysis with systematic review
18 March Selecting an appropriate multivariable and multivariate analyses
22 April Interpreting risks in health-related studies
20 May Evaluating the diagnostic accuracy / performance of a test
24 Jun Sample size determination in other common issues using PS Software (e.g., correlation, regression, ICC)
6-8 July Basic Biostatistics Workshop 2021
26 August Multivariable multivariate analyses: MANOVA and MANCOVA
7-8 September Manuscript Writing Workshop for Beginners
21 October How to validate measurement tool in health research?
18 November Poisson regression
16 Disember Data exploration and cleaning

1. The BCS Webinar will be conducted using Cisco Webex platform, link will be distributed through UiTM formal emails.
2. The dates and title are subjected to change.

BCS Webinar Series and Workshops Year 2020:

24 June 2020 From Readymade Clinical Data to Research: A Proposal Checklist
8 July 2020 Sample Size Estimation: Experimental and Interventional Studies
15 July 2020 Sample Size Estimation: Observational Studies
12 -13 August 2020 Speedy Manuscript Writing Workshop 2020
30 September 2020 Sample Size Estimation: Survival Study (Time-Event Data)
14 October 2020 Updates on Bibliometrics
1 – 3 December 2020 Basic Biostatistics Workshop 2020