The Neocardia Authors Club is a newly formed association in 2020. Neocardia means heart or new breath. The motto of our association is to ‘carve a memory in every heartbeat’.

UiTM Medical Faculty has various activities in and outside the country. Even so, our faculty does not have a precise channel for documenting every student activity.

So, with the establishment of this association, we hope to capture every activity that takes place in the faculty.
Our vision is to record and capture every student activity so that it is easily accessible to every one of our students and alumni in the coming year.
1. To have a systematic record of each student's annual activities.
2. To dedicate each student activity throughout the year as a memory.
3. To give new students the opportunity to join a club.
4. To provide a platform for medical students to pour their talents in the fields of art and journalism.

1. Neocardia acts as the only association that has a systematic record of every activity carried out at the Faculty of Medicine UiTM.
2. Neocardia menyediakan ruang bagi para pelajar menyerlahkan bakat mereka dalam bidang seni dan kewartawanan.
3. Neocardia provides an opportunity for new students to join an association
1. Get Creative with Canva!
2. Writing Workshop (coming soon!)

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