Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti

SMF or its full name is the Sekretariat Mahasiswa Fakulti is a student representative body registered under the Student Activity Center, UiTM Malaysia under Section 8 (1) of the Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976.

The SMF, which acts under the faculty MPP, is responsible for looking after the welfare affairs of the students of the Faculty of Medicine as well as being the student's intermediary with the faculty administration.
1. SMF was established to be an assistant to the Student Representative Council (MPP at faculty level)
2. SMF also acts as a liaison between the faculty and students.
3. SMF is responsible for the welfare of students of the Faculty of Medicine.
To be an organization that is active in improving the quality of students of the Faculty of Medicine to the level of first class graduates

1. Organize academic and welfare programs involving all students of the Faculty of Medicine
2. Listen and take action on student problems
3. Disseminate all the latest information from the faculty management quickly and
1. Contribute service to the faculty sincerely
2. Be an intermediary between the faculty and students
3. Disseminate correct and accurate information to students
4. Provide guidance to students who need help
5. Make SMF as a platform to form identity and integrity
No Activities Organizer Level Involvement
1 Connecting Our Community (COC) 5.0 X
AMSA Health Day
19 Mac 2022
Kompleks Penyayang Bakti Sg. Buloh
SMF Faculty SMF Members
2 AMSA Community Service
1 April 2022
SMF & AMSA UiTM Faculty SMF Members
3 Intervarsity Medic Olympiad (IVMO)
Mei 2022 4796 SMF Members
IPTA/ IPTs Medical Students
4 Asian Medical Student Exchange Program (AMSEP)
Julai - Ogos 2022
SMF & AMSA UiTM International SMF Members
5 Medic Intervarsity Games (MIVG)
* Subject to organizing
Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) National SMF Members
UiTM Athlete Team
6 Induction to Medicine (IMED)
Oktober 2022
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty Year 1 Medical Student
Year 2 Medical Student


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