Laboratory Animal Care Unit (LACU) is centralized animal research center for the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM. It has been in operation since 15 March 2010. LACU has Management and Administrative authority regarding the procurement, housing, monitoring and use of laboratory animals (Rodents & Rabbits only). LACU is for the exclusive use of all of whom that are committed to the advancement of science by promoting the humane care and animals used in research and teaching.

The Five Freedoms

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour
Freedom from Discomfort – by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area
Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease – by prevention or rapid diagnosis and treatment
Freedom to Express Normal Behavior – by providing sufficient space, proper facilities, and company of the animal’s own kind
Freedom from Fear and Distress – by ensuring conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering


To advance excellence in the Laboratory Animal Care Profession
To promote the understanding of Laboratory Animal Research
To be a centre of research excellence and to be at the frontiers of Laboratory Animal Care in Malaysia


To establish LACU as a class of reputable animal care and welfare and a reference centre for biomedical research in Malaysia.


To conduct basic, applied all strategic biomedical research on laboratory animal that will be beneficial to mankind/society.
To build strong animal welfare and ethics through the care of these experimental animals.
To advance the biomedical research keeping in view of the welfare of these animals.
To promote basic Laboratory Animal Enrichment Behaviors, throughout the life of these animals, to alleviate boredom.
To provide the best Medical Care and treatment throughout its life.
To uphold the Five Freedoms of Animal Care.