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To carry out research in the field of neurosciences according to international standards to meet the national, regional and international demands of reducing the social and economic burden due to neurological diseases, psychiatric illnesses and blindness.



To carry out cutting edge research in order to enhance understanding of cellular and molecular basis of disease processes in the field of neurosciences and promote development and design of new drugs to target neurological, psychiatric and ophthalmic diseases.



  • To provide a core facility for running experimental research projects targeting Neuroscience such as: 
    • Behavioural Studies
    • Investigative Ophthalmology And Visual Sciences
    • Autonomic neurosciences
    • Neuroimaging
  • To provide adequate facilities to promote postgraduate training in terms of  specialization in neuroscience research.
  • To facilitate closer networking with scientists of similar and related interest within the faculty and the University as well as to promote external, national and international linkages.

  • To promote initiatives for achieving new national and international patents.