1. Introduction

Teluk Intan Campus of The Faculty of Medicine is built upon a 10 acres land and its construction was completed in October 2010. The campus is intended as the Community Research Center for the faculty. This will be accomplished through the activities and facilities provided to meet the needs of students (both undergraduates and postgraduates) and lecturers for their learning and research activities as well as the community needs. The residential block of the campus was opened to the first batch of Year 3 students from the Rural Health posting in November 2010.

2. Location

The campus is situated around 153 km from Kuala Lumpur and about 150 km from UiTM Shah Alam campus. Other nearby health facilities are the Teluk Intan Hospital and the Hilir Perak District Health Office which is situated about 200 meters and 4 km from the campus respectively.

3. Facilities

The present building and facilities available are :-

i. Academic Block
1. Administration/Office
2. Lecture Hall
3. Seminar Room (2 units)
4. Library
5. Multipurpose Laboratory
6. Lecturers Room
7. Pantry
8. Washrooms
ii. Residential Block
1. Students Apartment Units (4 rooms unit)
2. Postgraduate Rooms (8 units)
3. Lecturers Apartment Units (4 rooms unit)
4. Resident Staff Apartment Unit
5. Dining Hall
6. Prayer Rooms
7. Recreational Room/Mini Gymnasium
8. Pantry
9. Washroom

4. Staffing

a) Lecturer in-charge:
Dr. Mohamad Ikhsan Selamat
b) Resident Staff: -Vacant-
c) Hostel Assistant Manager:
Mohamad Tarmizi Samat
d) Hostel Supervisor:
Noorjumaatun Shaari
e) Librarian: 1. Suzana Ishak
2. Damanhuri Hj. Mohamad Ramli
f) Technical Assistant (Building):
Mohd. Hafizal Osman
g) Computer Technician:
Wan Siti Norain Wan Abdul Latif
h) Security Chief Officer:
Zainudin Harun

5. Activities

Besides research, teaching and learning activities, Teluk Intan campus will also serve as a centre for health promotion and preventive medicine for the community. This will be carried out jointly with the district health authorities as well as other health related non-governmental agencies during student postings at Teluk Intan. In the future, the campus will also cater for post-graduate candidates who would like to conduct community-based studies.

6. Contact Address

For further enquiry, please contact Dr. Mohamad Ikhsan Selamat in Selayang campus. H/p : 019-9565077.

A) Teluk Intan Campus.

B) Facilities Campus.