Fully aware of the importance of research in an undergraduate medical programme, the Faculty of Medicine UiTM has recently started an Advanced Medical Sciences Programme. Students who complete this one-year intercalated programme will graduate with a degree of "MBBS with Advanced Medical Science". In line with the Faculty's vision to produce graduates with solid scientific foundation, who are leaders in medicine, this programme aims for our graduates to recognise the ways in which advances in basic science underpin developments in medical practice. As physician scientists, student recognize their leading role in a dynamic and rapidly evolving healthcare environment and the need to have lifelong commitment to the acquisition of knowledge, clinical skills and professional attitude essential for the care of patients and research.



This programme will add considerable value to a graduate's future medical career irrespective of the field of medicine chosen for specialization.

The graduate from this programme will be more likely to follow an academic culture and continue research activities, including clinical research or the translation of basic science into clinical setting.