1 Phone 603-61203420
Ext : 225
2 Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
3 Web site -
4 Academic Position Professor of Psychiatry
5 Qualification and Granting Institution
* MBBS (UM ), DPM ( Ireland ), Dip. Psych ( London ), MRC Psych ( UK )
6 Current Academic Responsibilities
* Cluster Coordinator ( Medical Science), Psychiatry Lecturer
7 Research Interest and Projects (current)
* Neuroscience, Sleep Medicine
Research Project :
- Neurocognitive status in microgravity environment
8 Major Recent Publications
* Chapter Keibubapaan,Anak Remaja dan Dewasa Book:Keluarga Islam, Kemahiran Keibubapaan dan Cabaran Semasa: Editor: Azrina Sobian IKIM,MPH Publishing 2007;183-196
* Mohd Ariff Kamil, Cheong Lieng Teng, Syed Hassan AA (2007): Snoring and breathing pauses during sleep in Malaysian Population. Respirology, Volume 12,375-380
* Tiong TS, Syed Hassan AA. Prevalence and Correlate of Snoring Medical Student in Malaysian University. The Malaysia Journal of Psychiatry 2006;(14)1: 17-22
9 Involvement in Professional Organizations
* Sleep Disorder Society Malaysia – President
* Medical Review Panel(MMC)- Chairperson
10 Participation in continuing medical education and community service
* Mental Health Awareness, Risks and Prevention in Conjunction with world Mental Health Day.
* Health complications in obesity and sleep disordered breathing
* Thinking Disorder – Seminar on Thinking
* Health of the Elderly
* Mental Health Treasure
* Sikap Kemajuan Diri – Program Kecemerlangan Pelajar MARA.