Visit by UiTM VC to the Faculty

The faculty was honoured by a special visit by the Vice cancellor of UiTM, Emeritus Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Said, on 11th June 2018. The objective of the visit was to enlighten the management of the university about the 2018 faculty inisiative in accord with the faculty strategic plan. 6 main inisiative were presented which include; 1. Infinite Digital Learning, 2. "RIGorous", 3. Quantum Leap, 4."121"(1 Staff 2Publication 1 Year), 5. Doctor-preneur, and 6. Linking Linkages.

The Vice Cancellor had reccomended that the faculty member to continue its focus in increasing the QS ranking to be competative with other public universities. He also wishes that all the members of the faculty give their utmost support to the current faculty's management in realising the university's mission, to increase the bumiputera's scholars and specialist in all fields, especially in medicine.