The Faculty of Medicine began offering postgraduate Masters and PhD programmes in 2005. Research areas include athrerosclerosis, embryology & reproductive biology, glaucoma, neuroscience, molecular medicine, natural products,oxidative stress, clinical trials and many others. Facilities  for research that are available includes Institute for Molecular Medical Biotechnology(IMMB), Cebtre for Neuroscience(Neuron), Centre for Pathology Diagnostic & Research Laboratories (CPDRL), Centre for Translational Research (CenTRe) and Animal Research Facilities (LACU) located within the campus.

In 2011, the faculty embarked on clinical postgraduate programmes for specialty training in fields of Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Family Medicine and followed by Pathology. More programmes will be offered in the near future such as rehabilitation medicine, emergency medicine and radiology. Gradually, training will be conducted in all clinical specialities. Fellowship training in emergency medicine (Ultrasound in Critical Care) and respiratory medicine is conducted throughout the year. Soon, a similar programme in cardiology will be offered. These fellowship programmes are well accepted locally and amongst countries within the region. Currently the faculty is the only medical school in Malaysia that offers the Medical Ethics & Jurisprudence programme. This is a taught course conducted over three semesters and its gaining its popularity.

All of these programmes is under the management of Centre for Graduate Studies, Headed by the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate & Professional Training

  • Postgraduate Degree (Research Mode)

    Programme Learning Outcomes

    Upon the completion of the MSc/PhD programme, the graduate students will be able to:

    • Demonstrate adequate knowledge in various fields of biochemical and health sciences.
    • Develop technical skills in scientific investigations to attain new knowledge.
    • Identify, prioritise and manage challenges in scientific research by applying critical thinking and scientific methods.
    • Deliver the results of the scientific research through good communication skills.
    • Understand the importance of social, cultural and ethical issues in scientific work and the community.
    • Integrate information for lifelong learning.
    • conduct research independently, ethically with minimal supervision
    • Apply research knowledge towards creative and innovative endeavours.
    • Demonstrate leadership skills in initiating and conducting scientific discussion, meetings and other relevant matters.

    Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

    The MSc/PhD programme attempts to produce graduates who are :

    • Knowledgeable, skilful and competent in conducting sound scientific research.
    • Able to apply critical thinking in identifying and overcoming challenges in scientific research.
    • Able to communicate effectively and demonstrate good leadership qualities and teamwork.
    • Able to plan and execute scientific research professionally and ethically.
    • Able to identify the need for lifelong learning and continuous professional development


    Doctor Of Philophy (Medicine) PhD (MD 990)

    Entry Requirement

    1. Master’s Degree (in relevant fields) from UiTM or any Institution of Higher Learning recognized by the Government of Malaysia; OR
    2. Other qualifications equivalent to a Master’s degree (in a relevant field) with working experience in a related field recognized by the UiTM Senate
    3. MUET minimum score of Band 3 OR IELTS/TOEFL minimum Band 6.0/550

    Mode & Duration

    Programme Mode Minimum Maximum
    PhD Full Time 4 semesters (2 yrs) 10 semesters (5 yrs)
    Part Time 6 semesters (3 yrs) 12 semesters (6 yrs)

    Masters Of Science (Medicine) MSc (MD780)

    Entry Requirement

    1. Bachelor with Honours degree from UiTM or any Institution of Higher Learning recognized by the Government of Malaysia with CGPA of ≥ 3.0; or
    2. Applicant with CGPA of 2.75-<3.00 need to possess 1 year work experience in a related field.
    3. MUET minimum score of Band 3 OR IELTS/TOEFL minimum Band 6.0/550

    Mode & Duration

    Programme Mode Minimum Maximum
    MSc Full Time 3 semesters (1.5 yrs) 6 semesters (3 yrs)
    Part Time 4 semesters (2 yrs) 8 semesters (4 yrs)

    For more information, contact:

    Nurhidayah Abdul Rahim
    Executive Officer
    Tel : 603-61267499   Email :

  • Professional Masters Degree (Coursework)

    Masters In Internal Medicine - MD771, Masters Of Medicine (Psychiatry)-MD772, Masters Of Medicine (Family Medicine)-MD773 & Masters Of Pathology-MD774

    Entry Requirements

    1. Recognized medical degree and possess a full registration(APC) with Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) or Temporary Practicing Certificate (TPC) for international graduates.
    2. Minimum one-year post - registration clinical experience as approved by the University Senate.
    3. Passed entrance evaluation.

    Mode & Duration

    Full Time Mimimum Maximum
    8 semesters (2yrs) 14 semesters (7yrs)


    Masters In Medical Ethics & Medical Juriscpundence -MD775

    Entry Requirements

    1. Medical Practitioner (MBBS or equivalent)
    2. Legal practitioner (LLB or equivalent) OR
    3. Recognized B. SC. (or equivalent) in a health-related discipline

    Mode & Duration

    Full time : 3 semesters (1.5 years)

    For more information, contact:

    Nurul Izwani Azaheri
    Assistant Registrar
    Tel : 03-6126 5000 ext.7713   
    Email :

  • Fellowship Programmes



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    1. Online Application are open throughout the year via the website of Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) at
    2. Potential PhD/Masters (Research) students are advised to identify and discuss with a prospective supervisor from the faculty with relevant expertise and research interest. Database on supervisors and areas of interest can be viewed in the dicipline’s webpage.