Research,Linkages & Innovation Deputy Dean's Office


Function of Research,Linkages & Innovation Office







•Strategic planning of the office, preparation of office’s policy papers.

•Management of office’s punch card, discipline and general file.


•Management of research application, proposals assessment, updates and supervision of research development

•Intermediate with external research grant provider.

•Preparation of information on research grant amount and database of MyRA (Malaysian Research Assessment) report.


•Collect and updates faculty members publication data.

•Preparation of publication and research development supervision report in PRISMA.









•Management and coordination of linkages with health clinics, hospitals and the Ministry of Health.

•Strategic planning of faculty’s linkages activities and program.

•Preparation of annual report on linkages activities.

•Management and implementation of cooperative relationship in accord of the Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement (MoU/MoA).

•Assessment and supervision of planned programs for the consideration of faculty’s approval.


•Identify, promote and commercialize innovation products of faculty members.


•Management of faculty staff’s health and safety committee.(SOSHco).

•Management of units within the office.

•Management of faculty’s website & corporate video.


•Preparation and updates  of alumni data and organizing/coordinate alumni activity/program.


For more information please contact :

Norsafura Idayu Suhaimi
Executive Officer
Tel : 603-61267029   Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.