The Discipline of Physiology is placed under the Basic Medical Science Cluster, in the organizational chart of the Faculty of Medicine UiTM. The Discipline began in 2003, in conjunction with the establishment of the Medical Faculty in UiTM. Initially, the discipline was anchored by a professor of physiology and its members expanded overtime in line with the increase in student intake. Today, the discipline has 10 academicians.

Physiology generally is the study of the body functions and is also considered to be one of the major scientific foundations in the study of medicine and health sciences. The academicians in the discipline therefore play an important role in the Faculty of Medicine in ensuring that the medical students get a sound foundation in physiology before they proceed into the clinical years. Besides teaching, the staff is also actively involved in research.

Research has become an important priority in addition to teaching within the discipline and its research strength centres around areas in reproductive, endocrine, cardiovascular physiology, physiology and pathophysiology of leptin, and neurophysiology. Most of the research is funded through the FRGS and ERGS although a few of the projects are also funded by the University internal grants. Research work of the staff has been published in numerous indexed, peer-reviewed journals.


  • To provide strong foundation and understanding of basic physiological concepts in the medical curriculum.
  • To engage in advanced research for the development of knowledge in the field of Physiology.
  • To produce doctors with sound scientific knowledge, who are highly motivated to continue learning to enhance quality in their profession.


The vision of the staff is to be recognized as an excellent teaching and research group for undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching, in Malaysia and in the world.