The Discipline of Otorhinolaryngology (commonly known as Ear, Nose & Throat), Faculty of Medicine, UiTM is one of the disciplines under the Surgical Cluster. We are guided by our mission to obtain excellence in service, education and research.

Clinical Services: We provide full time clinical as well as surgical services at CTC, Sungai Buloh Campus as well as the ORL Department of Sungai Buloh Hospital. We also run Specialist Clinics in Hospital Sabak Bernam once a month.
Education: The medical students are posted in our Unit for a total of two weeks in their Fourth Year as part of their Short Posting. During these two weeks, they are taught through Lectures, Tutorials, Seminars and CPS. They are also taught basic examination techniques at our well equipped Clinical Skills Lab. The students are exposed to a variety of ENT related diseases in the Clinics and are also given the opportunity to observe surgeries in the OT in Hospital Sungai Buloh.
Research: We are involved in a number of research projects within the faculty.