This isObstetrics and GynaeologyDepartment


The Obstetrics & Gynaecology (O&G) discipline comprises of dynamic academic staff with varied clinical interest areas. We provide clinical services in multidisciplinary approach with support from other dedicated healthcare professionals such as staff nurses, medical laboratory technicians, physiotherapist and dietician. Various teaching and learning activities take place within our department across board from medical students to specialist level
The department started with O&G specialist outpatient service that started in Selayang campus in 2010, proceeded by the O&G specialist clinic in Sungai Buloh campus in 2011. The outpatient clinics quickly gained good reputation among general public that we had to expand our service to meet the demand.
We started performing outpatient procedures in 2012, followed by minor and major operations in Sungai Buloh campus. As part of the drive to promote women’s health, we have organized several public health campaign for women to promote screening of gynaecological cancer.




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