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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 198093 News 113
Innovation Competition Day 2018 By Jamal Housaini Innovation Competition Day was organized on 25 July 2018 at Faculty of Medicine, Sg Buloh campus. The objective of this event was to promote invention and innovation among faculty members and to streamline invention and innovation in the Faculty. About 40 innovations were showcased and judged by panel of judges from Faculty of Medicine, RIBU, IPROMISE, Faculty of Dentistry and experts from Industry. Apart from showcasing their work, participants had to take part in a “One Minute elevator pitching” competition. During this session, competitors take the stage to pitch an original idea/concept/ product/ service/ business idea to a panel of judges, experts and the audience. This event was to enhance the ability of presenters in marketing and promoting of their innovation/idea. The top 10 winners from the Innovation Competition Day will represent Faculty of Medicine at iidex2018 which will be held at DATC UiTM Shah Alam from 24-28 September 2018. The winners are : 1.Anis Siham Zainal Abidin, Yap Khean Chyuan, Lee Sook Weih. SIMPLE BREATHING DEVICE FOR CHILDREN WITH BREATHING DIFFICULTIES 2.Heo Chong Chin. INNOVATIVE TOOLS IN BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE COLLECTION 3.Mohd Fairudz bin Mohd Miswan, Mohamed Zubair Mohamed Al -Fayyadh, Teo Seow Hui, Mohamed RAzif Mohamed Ali, Ng Wuey Min. SOFT TISSUE LOOP FOR MEDIAL PATELLOFEMORAL LIGAMENT RECONSTRUCTION 4.Bushra Johari, Mohammad Hanafiah, Sabrilhakim Sidek, Mohd Farhan Hamdan, Roqiah Fatmawati Abdul Kadir, Nazimah Ab Mumin. MEDICAL ULTRASOUND ONLINE COURSE: AN INNOVATIVE METHOD IN TEACHING AND LEARNING 5.Ahmad Ruzain Salehuddin. 1STOP ANATOMY' MOBILE APPLICATION 6.Hassanain Issam Al-Talib, Juliaa Ashazila MJ, Jamal Hussaini, Wang Seok Mui, Nurul Azira MS, Alyaa Al-Khateeb. A MOLECULAR BASED PCR ASSAY FOR RAPID DETECTION OF PROTOZOA CAUSING DIARRHEA FROM SPIKED STOOL SAMPLES 7.Noorhida Baharudin,Farnaza Ariffin,Mohamed Syarif Mohamed Yassin, Suraya Abdul Razak, Khasnur Abd Malek. MOCK OSCE MODULE (MOSCE-M): AN INNOVATION IN TEACHING CLINICAL SKILLS 8.Renu Agawal, Azliana Jusnida Ahmad Jafri, Igor Iezhitsa,Puneet Agarwal, Alexander Spasov, Alexander Ozerov, Nafeeza Mohd Ismail,. MAGNESIUM ACETYLTAURATE FOR PREVENTION OF VISION LOSS IN GLAUCOMA 9.Fazah Akhtar Hanapiah, Siti Hazyanti Mohd Hashim, Marina Ismail, Nor Faridah Ahmad Roslan, Haidzir Manaf. 3-DIMENTIONAL VIRTUAL REALITY IN AUGMENTING REHABILITATION FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES 10.Jamal Hussaini, Navindra Kumari, Zaini Mohd Zain, Noor Masyitah Jumahat. 3D PRINTING OF MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY EQUIPMENT The winners of “One Minute elevator pitching” are as follows: 1. Dr. Jamal Hussaini 2. Dr. Hassanain Issam Al-Talib 3. Dr. Norasyikin Mustafa Picture by Wan Ridhuan. For more pictures click HERE
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Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Visit & Accreditation. By Marlina Ramli Faculty of Medicine Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) welcomed the accreditation panel members from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) on the 4 – the 9 th February 2018. The panel members which included Prof Datuk Dr Abd Razzak Mohd Said, Prof Dr Nabishah Mohamad, Prof Dr Jamiyah Hassan, Prof Dr Nordin Simbak, Dr Wan Shihabudin Wan Mamat and Puan Roslina Abdullah conducted the audit on the Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme. During the 5-day visit, besides reviewing and auditing the MBBS programs documents, the panel members also visited Sungai Buloh and Selayang Campuses as well as the Sungai Buloh and Selayang Hospitals. Besides inspecting the educational and students’ facilities in both campuses and hospitals, productive interviews and engaging discussions were also held with staffs and students to ensure compliance with the criteria set by MQA especially in terms of safety, health teaching and learning. As a result of the visit, the MBBS programme conducted by UiTM has continued to successfully attain the Full MQA Accreditation till the year 2023. Photography by Wan Ridhuan
Friday, July 20, 2018 198093 News 72
Ramadhan Iftar with Tahfiz By Marlina Ramli Ramadan is the month of blessings, the time of fasting and rigorous spiritual exercises. Amidst the blessed spirit of Ramadan, which encompasses compassion and sharing with others, Faculty of Medicine UiTM was honoured to host an Iftar for Maahad Tahfiz Al Yateem Darul Furqan students. The iftar which was organised by Biro Kebajikan Faculty of Medicine UiTM, was graced by the presence of Professor Dato Dr. Abu Bakar Abdul Majeed UiTM Selangor Branch’s Rector and Prof. Dr. Mohd Zamrin Dimon UiTM Medical Faculty’s Dean. The special event saw over 40 children together with faculty members enjoying scrumptious meals which were then followed by Maghrib, Isha’ and Tarawikh’s congregational prayers. These activities brought great spiritual and psychological well-being as well as deliver wonderful experiences to those involved. Picture by Ridhuan
Saturday, June 30, 2018 198093 News 127
Workshop on Review of Faculty's Mission & Vision Statement 12 January 2018 | Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Selayang Campus This workshop is a continuity of the previous strategic planning workshop, with objectives of reviewing the current mission and vision and re-establishing the current and future direction of the faculty. This workshop is attended by faculty members as well as students. The facilitator and speaker for this workshop is Professor Datuk Dr. Ahmad Yusoff bin Hassan, Former Vice Chancellor of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM).
Saturday, June 30, 2018 198093 News 117
Workshop on Strategic Planning for MBBS240 The workshop main objective is to review and formulate new strategic planning for the MBBS 240 programe. This is held in to fascilitate the Malaysian Qualification Agency(MQA) Self Review document preparation for the coming academic accreditation in 2018. 6 groups were formed to come up with the presentation, namely; Student Admission Interview, Student's Quality & Employability, Private medical programme, Human resource and Faculty Visibility. These presentations were then commented and the summary are taken account into the self-review documents.
Friday, June 29, 2018 198093 News 105
Zoom 2018 The 5th Zoom Radiograph Revison course was succesfully held on the 13th January 2018 at Selayang Campus. It was a yearly event since 2014 targetting radiology trainees from all over Malaysia, particularly those sitting for part II radiology Masters Programme or part 2B FRCR. The course provided a comprehensive review of the fundamental principles in plain radiograph interpretation and reporting through the combination of exciting lectures, rapid reportings and viva sessions, handled by experienced in-house and invited external radiologists. Fifty participants from various public and private instituitions attended the course, and the initial registration hit the maximum number of seats in just a day
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Congratulation to Medical Ethics Team The 14th International Conference on Clinical Ethics Consultation (ICCEC) 2018 organised by the Institute of Medical Ethics (IME) was recently held at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford on 21-23 June 2018. About 350 international delegates participated in this year's conference. Dr. Muhamad Zaid bin Muuti, currently a student in the Master in Medical Ethics and Medical Jurisprudence course run by the Faculty of Medicine and Dr. Mark Tan, a lecturer in Medical Ethics & Medical Law, won the only Poster Prize of the conference with their poster entitled 'Utilising Telemedicine for Patient Consultation in Malaysia: Breakthrough or Breakdown' This is indeed a fabulous achievement a great recognition for the field of medical ethics in UiTM and Malaysia.
Friday, June 29, 2018 198093 News 117
Visit by UiTM VC to the Faculty The faculty was honoured by a special visit by the Vice cancellor of UiTM, Emeritus Professor Dato' Dr. Hassan Said, on 11th June 2018. The objective of the visit was to enlighten the management of the university about the 2018 faculty inisiative in accord with the faculty strategic plan. 6 main inisiative were presented which include; 1. Infinite Digital Learning, 2. "RIGorous", 3. Quantum Leap, 4."121"(1 Staff 2Publication 1 Year), 5. Doctor-preneur, and 6. Linking Linkages. The Vice Cancellor had reccomended that the faculty member to continue its focus in increasing the QS ranking to be competative with other public universities. He also wishes that all the members of the faculty give their utmost support to the current faculty's management in realising the university's mission, to increase the bumiputera's scholars and specialist in all fields, especially in medicine.
Thursday, May 31, 2018 198093 News 136
WIRASA 2018 : We are Champion AGAIN WIRASA is an interfaculty art and cultural competition event, organized annually by the Pusat Kebudayaan (Cultural Centre), Student Affairs Department. Last year, the faculty have achieved the winner of this competition and this year, the award is ours again!. This year the competition was greater with increased number of faculty involved, a total of 24 faculties in Shah Alam, Puncak Alam, Puncak Perdana and Sungai Buloh. The Nasyid, Band and Modern Dance Team were among fwinners of the categories. The award and closing ceremony were officiated by Prof. Dato' Dr Abdullah Mohamad Said , Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs).