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The Radiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM is one of the disciplines previously under the Medical Cluster. We are guided by our mission to obtain excellence in service, education and research.

Patient Care: We deliver Imaging services at both the Selayang and Sungai Buloh Campuses using state-of-art-equipment. We also provide services at the Radiology Department of Selayang Hospital and Sungai Buloh Hospital.

Education: We are active in teaching undergraduate medical students from their first to final years. We participate in dedicated didactic lectures and seminars for the students. For the first and second years we focus on normal radiological anatomy. Additional learning opportunities and exposure to practical aspects are available for the students at the Medical Imaging Unit. Teaching file materials are available at the Clinical Skill Lab.

Research: The radiologists are involved in a number of researchers within and outside the faculty.



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