Gastroenterology is the division of internal medicine specialising in diagnostic, management and research of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. We are involved in

i. Diagnostic and clinical management of gastrointestinal diseases
ii. Outpatient gastroenterology clinic and services
iii. Upper and lower endoscopic diagnostics services
iv. Lectures and clinical teaching from undergraduate medical students to post-graduate studies
v. Clinical research including epidemiological, behavioural and bio-medical studies of the gastrointestinal physiology and diseases process.

While having active participation in current Faculty events and activities, The Gastroenterology Unit is also on a mission of expansion with critical short and long-term key initiatives and plan. With close rapport of the Hepatobiliary, Colorectal and General Surgery teams, it is envisioned that The Faculty of Medicine UiTM will deliver a fresh multidisciplinary outlook on Gastrointestinal diseases for the Greater Kuala Lumpur area and nationwide.