1 FRGS-RACER: The Efficacy Of Thymoquinone Nanoparticles And Hyperthermia On Modulating Chemoresistance Of Cancer Stem Cells In Osteosarcoma
Principal Investigator: Aisha bt Mohd Din
Amount: RM 51,200.00.
Duration:1 Sept 2019 – 31 Aug 2021
2 GIP: Underlying mechanism of oxidized high density lipoprotein and adiponectin in inducing osteoblast decalcification
Principal Investigator: Suhaila Bt Abd Muid
Amount: RM 20,000
Duration:1 July 2018 – 31 Aug 2019
3 LESTARI: The Effects of Nisin on 3D Culture of Osteosarcoma MG-63: A Preliminary Study
Principal Investigator: Dr Alyaa R. Mahmood Al-Khateeb
Amount: RM 20,000.
Duration:2018 – 2020
4 BESTARI: Development Of New/Potential 3D Osteosarcoma Culture Model For Future Application In Translational Anti-Tumor Therapy.
Principal Investigator: Dr Alyaa R. Mahmood Al-Khateeb
Amount: RM 60,000.
Duration: 2018 – 2020
5 FRGS 2018 & 2019: Analysis of Promoter Methylated Genes Associated WNT Signaling Pathway in Human Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Principal Investigator: AP Dr Khor Goot Heah
Amount: RM 183,300.
Duration:2018 – 2020



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