• Promotion of best practice in Medical Education within the Faculty and University
  • Sustenance of Faculty development in Medical Education within the Faculty and University
  • Provision of optimal and conducive educational environment to both academic staff and student within the faculty
  • Deliver a high-quality student – centered experience to undergraduate and postgraduate student
  • Foster research which promotes quality in Medical Education
  • To provide service in relation to curriculum development, implementation and assessment
  • To equip the academic staffs to undertake effectively their roles as medical teachers
  • To ensure academic staffs are given the necessary exposure to the medical education field, nurture their own interest and gain academic recognition for their expertise
  • To provide scientifically sound information that advances and promotes medical education by undertaking research & innovation

For more information please contact :
Nurrein Marlia Omar
Executive Office

Tel : 03 6126 7501
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