Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine


The study of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine in the MBBS curriculum is of paramount importance as it deals with the biochemical processes in living things with emphasis on the basic knowledge of molecular biology. It is a pivotal foundation for the medical students in becoming highly motivated and accomplished medical professionals. Respectively, members of the Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine department aspire in delivering the knowledge to the pre-clinical students to our best effort and commitment.
In line with the vision of the faculty in promoting research, members of the department has and continues to contribute toward the research development in the faculty. Research findings covering various research area including endocrinology, cancers, natural products, nutrition and molecular virology have been published in numerous indexed and peer-reviewed journals in addition to many awards of recognitions from the scientific community. Very much so, members of the department will always aspire toward excellence both in teaching as well as in research.

Members of Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine

Dr. Mudiana Muhammad
Prof. Dr. Musalmah Mazlan
MSc.(Newcastle-Upon Tyne),
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesmine Khan
PhD (Osaka)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Narimah Abdul Hamid Hasani
Dr. Alya R. Mahmood Al-Khateeb
Dr. Mohammad Johari Ibrahim
Dr. Sharaniza Ab. Rahim
Dr. Siti Hamimah Sheikh Abdul Kadir
PhD(Imperial College)
Dr. Suhaila Abd. Muid
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wang Seok Mui
Dr. Wan Nor I'zzah Wan Mohamad Zain
Ms. Siti Shuhada Mokhtar
Dip.Sc(UiTM), Bsc.(UiTM),
Dr. Amirah Abd. Rahman


Prof. Dr. Musalmah Mazlan(PI)
Cancer Metabolome: Discovering and understanding cancer metabolites for early detection and prognostication. 2015-2020. LRGS

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jesmine Khan(PI)
Possible mechanism of higher uptake of particles by the gut associated lymphoid tissue and Peyer’s patches of rats fed high fat diet Part 1. Nov 2013-June 2016. FRGS

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Narimah Abd. Hamid Hasani(PI)
Cloning and characterization of cyclotides genes from the local plants, Leucaena leucocephala and Parkia speciose.2016-2018. FRGS

Dr. Mudiana Muhamad @ Mohd. Saufi(PI)
Investigation of the Mechanism of Human Norovirus (HuNoV) Host Cell Entry in M Cells 3D Culture System Via Binding To Toll-Like Cell Surface Receptors. Nov 2015-Oct 2018. FRGS

Dr. Sharaniza Ab. Rahim(PI)
Mechanism of osteosarcoma stem cells (ossc)reverse differentiation into normal osteogenic cells by bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs). Aug 2016-July 2019. FRGS

The Role of Integrin Glycosylation on the Adhesion of the Primary Cultured Osteosarcoma (OS) Cells to the Extracellular Matrix during Metastasis. May 2016-Apr 2018. LESTARI RIG: Research Bone Group. May 2016-Apr 2018. REI

Dr. Siti Hamimah Sheikh Abdul Kadir(PI)
Understanding the role of miRNA in cardiac reprogramming of fetus exposed to BPA during in utero life. 2016-2019. FRGS

Dr. Muhammad Johari Ibahim(PI)
Investigating the Role of Eosinophils in the Progression of Breast Cancer in Mouse Model Post-Radiotherapy Treatment. 2016-2019. FRGS

Dr. Wang Seok Mui(PI)
Antiviral activity of 1-substituted 5-(phenylamino) uracil derivatives against chikungunya virus .Sept 2016-Aug 2018. LESTARI Antiviral activity of porcupine bezoar against dengue virus.Sept 2016 – Aug 2018.BESTARI

Dr. Suhaila Abd. Muid(PI)
Underlying mechanisms of oxidised high density lipoprotein (oxHDL) and adiponectin in inducing vascular calcificationand abrogation of osteoblast function. 2015-2018. FRGS



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