Basic Cell Culture & Fluorescence Imaging Workshop 2018.

Institute of Medical Molecular Biotechnology, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Sg Buloh Campus is organising a workshop Basic Cell Culture & Fluorescence Imaging Workshop 2018

The details are as below:

Date    : 15 – 18 October 2018 (Mon -Thurs) 

Venue  : Institute of Medical Molecular Biotechnology (IMMB),

              Faculty of Medicine, UiTM Sg Buloh Campus,


Fees:   Normal rate – UiTM RM 500

                                   - non UiTM RM 800


Topics covered:

  • Introduction on basic cell culture, maintaining, functional cell assay, data analysis
  • Introduction on fluorescence imaging, labelling, detection and imaging cellular analysis.
  • Indirect immunofluorescence vs direct fluorescence
  • Advanced fluorescence application with cloning, transfection, FRET, FRAP and FLIM.

Intensive-hands on with small group (5 – 6 person):

  • Each group will be handled by experienced facilitator
  • Aseptic technique, reviving, culturing, sub-culturing, freezing
  • Functional assay – viability WST & apoptosis (annexin – flowcytometry)
  • Cell imaging with fixation, staining, viewing
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope, fluorescence microscope 

You may contact 
Pn. Roslina Ali, 03-61265101 & En. Hazrul Nizam Hisham Hasmi 03-61265097 for further info.

For registration, please click HERE

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