Dean's Office

Function of Dean's Office


  • Faculty governance, acquisition & strategic planning.
  • UiTM teaching hospital planning.
  • Preparation of policy papers.
  • Public relation, protocol and event management.
  • Customer service and complaint.
  • Discipline, leave & punch card.
  • Appointment of faculty’s administrative post.
  • Lecturer’s on-call and overtime claims.
  • Faculty transportation management.
  • Staff’s medical claim, various claims, uniforms and shoes.
  • File and record management.
  • Oversea travel management.
  • Faculty meeting management.



  • Staff’s statistic and data update.
  • Appointment & re-appointment of staff (permanent/contract/temporary).
  • Duty reporting of academic staff.
  • Staff’s confirmation in service.
  • Staff’s annual performance appraisal.
  • Service & remuneration affairs.
  • Excellent Service Award (APC) and Excellent Service Medal (PPC).
  • Management of staff’s allowances & incentives, staff welfare and retirement.
  • Medical Specialist Recognition process.
  • Malaysian Medical Council registration and annual practice application.
  • Visa and immigration management.
  • Application for external employment, company declaration of staff’s company.
  • Preparation of working papers for JKK / LPU approval as set by the University's management.
  • Management of Committees / Panel in the faculty training / coursework planning.

For more information please contact :

Mohd Rizal Nordin
Deputy Registrar
Tel : 603-61267015   Email :

Academic Office

Function of Academic Office


  • Students registration process
  • Appeal of application process.
  • Student retraction and Deferment of study period.
  • Student Disciplinary Board.
  • Appointment of external academic members.
  • Preparation of Academic Calendar.
  • Teaching and learning schedules.
  • Convocation affairs.
  • Elective Presentation organization.
  • Shadow Housemanship programme organization.


  • Supervision of student’s association/clubs
  • Management of Student’s Trust Fund.
  • Application of scholarship/student’s loan.
  • Student’s hostel application
  • Student’s complaint


  • Assesment of student’s pre-condition of examination.
  • Preparation of examination schedule, paper printings,process, assesments and results.
  • Organization of appeal process.


  • File & letters
  • Bookings of meeting rooms, auditoriums and venues for students and lecturer’s use
  • Lecturer’s claim and leave application

For more information please contact :

Salina Abd Wahab
Assistant Registrar
Tel : 603-61267019   Email :

Research,Linkages & Innovation Office

Function of Research,Linkages & Innovation Office


  • Strategic planning of the office, preparation of office’s policy papers.
  • Management of office’s punch card, discipline and general file.



  • Management of research application, proposals assessment, updates and supervision of research development
  • Intermediate with external research grant provider.
  • Preparation of information on research grant amount and database of MyRA (Malaysian Research Assessment) report.



  • Collect and updates faculty members publication data.
  • Preparation of publication and research development supervision report in PRISMA.



  • Management and coordination of linkages with health clinics, hospitals and the Ministry of Health.
  • Strategic planning of faculty’s linkages activities and program.
  • Preparation of annual report on linkages activities.
  • Management and implementation of cooperative relationship in accord of the Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement (MoU/MoA).
  • Assessment and supervision of planned programs for the consideration of faculty’s approval.



  • Identify, promote and commercialize innovation products of faculty members.



  • Preparation and updates  of alumni data and organizing/coordinate alumni activity/program.



  • Management of faculty staff’s health and safety committee.(SOSHco).
  • Management of units within the office.
  • Management of faculty’s website & corporate video.

For more information please contact :

Norsafura Idayu Suhaimi
Executive Officer
Tel : 603-61267029   Email :

Postgraduate & Professional Training Office

Function of Postgraduate & Professional Training Office


  • Strategic planning of the office, preparation of office’s policy papers.
  • Management of office’s punch card, discipline and general file.
  • Management of trainee lecturer and postgraduate student’s personal file.
  • Update data and statistics of trainee lecturer in training and postgraduate students.



  • Enrolment of postgraduate students.
  • Management of postgraduate examination.
  • Management of postgraduate thesis.
  • Management of postgraduate research and research programs.



  • Management of trainee lecturers and lecturers in training.
  • Management of faculty member’s attachment training, subspeciality training, industrial training, professional training and sabbaticals.



  • Management of annual performance appraisal report of trainee lecturers and lecturers in training.



  • Faculty’s Quality Management Secretariat.
  • Preparation of information and documents of audit for the Faculty Risk Management Secretariat.

For more information please contact :

Mohd Hafiz Anuar
Executive Officer(Course Work)
Tel : 603-61267491   Email :

Nurhidayah Abdul Rahim
Executive Officer(Research)
Tel : 603-61267499   Email :

Clinical Service Office

Function of Clinical Service Office


  • Strategic planning of the office, preparation of office’s policy papers.
  • Teaching Hospital Requirements planning.
  • Hospital Information System (HIS) management.
  • Management of office’s punch card,overtime, discipline and general file.
  • Management of UiTM Medical Specialist Centre’s transportation.
  • Space and commercial space management.
  • UiTM Medical Specialist Centre’s staff’s indemnity management.
  • Laundry management
  • Financial and revenue management.
  • Staff and patients welfare affairs.



  • Management of in-patient and out-patient medical service via UiTM Medical Specialist Centre.
  • Management of facilities within UiTM Medical Specialist Centre’s (clinics, wards, operating theater, ICU, CCU, CRW, daycare, gymnasium, laboratory & body holding room).



  • Management of units; Registration & Records, Medical Social Work, Pharmacy, Nutrition & Dietetic, Health Promotion, Customer Service, Medical Assistants, Nursing, Rehabilitation and Speciality Laboratories)



  • Management of human resources budget.

For more information please contact :

Nor Ain Binti Awang
Executive Officer
Tel : 603-61265219   Email :

Human Resource & Development Office

Function of Human Resource & Development Office


  • Strategic planning of the office, preparation of office’s policy papers.
  • Management of office’s punch card, overtime, discipline and general file.
  • Faculty development budget planning.



  • Physical development and infrastructure planning for the faculty.
  • Planning of UiTM Teaching Hospital.
  • Infrastructure development and equipment acquisition for UiTM Private Specialist Centre.
  • Preparation and supervision of standard operating procedure (SOP) for the management of the medical and research centers.



  • Preparation of proposals of ICT development for the teaching hospital.



  • Management of faculty’s staff human resource affairs.
  • Managements of faculty’s staff human capital development.
  • Training management (Chair or Faculty Conference’s Committee)

For more information please contact :

Natasha Ahmad Kamal
Assistant Registrar(Human Resource)
Tel : 603-61267003   Email :

Rozalina Rokli
Assistant Registrar (Development)
Tel : 603-61267062   Email :