Vision Of The Faculty Of Medicine

To be an esteemed centre to produce highly-motivated and accomplished medical professionals practicing holistic medicine, enabling them to lead the medical profession and to influence the medical practice worldwide.



To be the Centre of Excellence:
  For undergraduate and postgraduate specialist/higher specialist training in medicine.
  In the provision of state-of-the-art medicine.
  In promoting medical education.
  In providing cutting-edge research in medicine.
  For the formulation of policies in the practice of medicine and development of the profession.



The belief that individuals possess talent, interest and aptitude and if well-nurtured through an open transfer of knowledge and the inculcation of Islamic values, would be able to play a role in self-development, their society and the nation.
The graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, UiTM are expected to:
  Understand and utilize the basic sciences relevant to clinical sciences and vice versa.
  Have acquired knowledge, skills and attitude to diagnose and to holistically manage the patient and family (and society) and encourage wellness, ensuring always the respect for ethics and law.
  Communicate effectively with patients and their families, health professionals and community at large.
  Apply principles of disease prevention and health promotion to enhance the health of individuals and the community.
  Use modern technologies and skills to improve their own learning and knowledge acquisition as well as in the management and treatment of patients.