The faculty aims to produce highly motivated and accomplished doctors with a solid scientific foundation imbued with strong humanistic values, to lead the medical profession in the future.

The faculty is one of the very few medical faculties in Malaysia with the vision to lead the medical profession and to influence medical practice worldwide. It encourages creativity and innovation through scientific research and adopts multi-pronged rather than sequential strategies in the development of postgraduate studies and research activities, which are initiated during undergraduate-teaching itself.

The curriculum in this faculty is a great living instrument to produce the doctors of tomorrow. It adopts a hybrid problem-based learning (PBL) strategy which promotes active and engaging education through guided exploration and discovery. It addresses important matters beyond the usual and the obvious, and places great emphasis on professional and personal development, communication skills, clinical skills, ethics and medical jurisprudence, and behavioural science. Innovative modules are introduced; these include Rural Health, Molecular Medicine, and Behavioural Sciences.

The Faculty has strategic research facilities and infrastructures to support research, ranging from molecular and basic clinical sciences to clinical trials and epidemiological studies. These include the UiTM Medical Specialist Center, Research Laboratories, and Institute of Medical Molecular Biotechnology (IMMB).

The faculty has developed its new campuses at Sungai Buloh and Selayang. We have the full support from the government in developing these new facilities where students can pursue a world of learning and training opportunities in specialized courses.

We have begun our Medical Postgraduate Programme in three specialist areas: Internal Medicine, Psychiatry and Family Medicine.

We are developing our own teaching hospital in the near future.