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SPU is a unit whereby students create a product or a mdia that is the focus of learning. There are many kinds of products for example e- magazines (Neocardia), podcasts, video production (Med Ed Flix), or managing workshops, webinars and hosting conferences. Other products include slide shows, photographs, icons, memes, three-dimensional objects, or a portfolio. Good products are the result of communication, collaboration and creativity. Projects are based on curriculum standards and supports content with proper learning objectives.

Because it is a relatively new teaching strategy for medical school, activities and research on production continues to develop. Learning outcomes that can be included in the production process are widely supported in the literature as leading to gains in student achievement; for example, collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking . In addition, active learning, or learning activities in which students do and think about what they do, has been found to be more useful for students than inert knowledge transfer (i.e., lecture). Active learning is more likely to be remembered and achievement will be greater if educational tasks and contexts are similar to real-life tasks and contexts. This means that authentic activities that are meaningful in students’ lives support student achievement
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