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Medical schools around the country are increasingly utilizing and creating educational games for learners. These games are educational tools that employ game-thinking and mechanics where the principal intent is not amusement or pleasure and are designed for the express goal of improving medical education. It offers the ability to extend learning outside of the classroom and can be attractive options for everything from teaching flashcards to modeling and experiencing the complexity of the real world within a simulated environment. Serious games vary greatly in complexity and technology requirements. The games need to have clear learning outcomes with good feedback and tracking progress system.

1.Educational technology for gamification & game based learning

2.New teaching pedagogy based on blooms taxonomy

3.Game based learning modules for undergraduates




Promotion of 3rd party education technology
Such as Genially, Socrative, Actionbound, Kahoot as well as Non technology based projects: card game, board game, escape room module based around focused skills stations and simulation game based learning

Creating new pedagogy method based on Bloom's Taxonomy
1. To create game-based learning module for UiTM medical undergraduates based on learning objectives incorporating higher level Bloom's taxonomy and knowledge subtypes
2. To improve medical students skills acquisition and knowledge retention

Development of Game-based learning module for the undergraduate programme.
1. To harness expertise from various specialties to provide content based on their learning objectives
2. To incorporate content in game based learning module creation
3. Training of medical lecturers on how to use GBL module as teaching tool

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