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E- Learning Unit provides support for lecturers and students in managing digital software and educational tools. It includes support in the teaching or assessment delivery method, electronic technology training, learning and development of own creative contents. E-learning encompasses a wide range of both formal and informal materials together with a variety of complementary or alternative e-learning techniques. These include sharing knowledge or links to resources via social and interactive media sites and managing online lectures, webinars,  MOOCs and U-Future platform, hosting conferences, creating podcasts and developing the concept of the learner as the creator. The unit is also setting up a new online multimedia product stocks called Centre of Repository for Medical Illustration and Images (CRIMM).

  1. ELU will promote and maintain the usage of eLearning tools such as Microsoft 365 (MS Teams), UFUTURE platform as well as other MOOC platforms.
  2. Newer tools such as podcasts, webinars, online workshops will be also be encouraged for knowledge sharing purposes.
  3. TED Talk like format will be developed and will be called MEDTalk, where all staffs and students of the faculty can use for sharing their knowledge.
  4. ELU will also ensure informed consent for recording of videos, pictures, illustrations for teaching purposes. All illustration or photos should ideally be licensed or obtained legitimately



Unit Consultation
  • To create/update guides for various e-learning tools/website for both staffs and students of the faculty

Central Repository of Illustration & Media in Medicine(CRIMM)
  • To develop the CRIMM repository for support of teaching and learning, as well as research activities of the faculty

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Dr. Chua Ang Lim anglim@uitm.edu.my 7561
Dr. Norasyikin Mustafa norasyikin@uitm.edu.my 5000

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