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Department of Medical Education (DoME) Faculty of Medicine UiTM provides support for medical education activities; including teaching & learning, service provision, research, innovation and staff career development. The scope of its activities includes undergraduate and postgraduate education, continuing professional development in line with the advancement of digital technology. The department has 8 units namely Curriculum & Assessment unit (C&A), E-Learning Unit (ELU), Game-Based Learning Unit (GBLU), Medical Educational Technology Team (METT), Student Production Unit (SPU), Clinical Simulation Centre (CSC), Postgraduate Unit and Quality, Research and innovation Unit. We motivate and drive research in medical education and promote collaborations either locally, nationally or internationally.


  • To establish a globally renowned UiTM medical education centre incorporating science, technology and humanities


  • To become the leader in developing accomplished medical professionals through provision of state-of-the-art medical education, cutting edge clinical simulation centre and impactful research


  • To promote double loop learning in teaching basic sciences and clinical medicine
  • To provide a conducive, creative and effective educational environment
  • To provide digital educational services that incorporates cutting edge technology
  • To lead the innovation and faculty development in medical education and clinical simulation
  • To foster research which promotes quality in medical education and clinical simulation

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Department of Medical Education
Level 3, Academic Building, Faculty of Medicine,
Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sg. Buloh Campus,
Jln Hospital, 47000, Sg, Buloh
Selangor, MALAYSIA

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