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“Your gateway to building individual skills and shared medical knowledge”

Clinical Simulation Centre is a platform that provides extra learning space for medical students to learn and practice in a safe environment It is developed to help rationalize the difficult concepts learnt during pre-clinical years with application during clinical years. It is also to provide simulated experience that links the clinical years to working years. It is one of the solutions towards generating quality graduates holistically and creates bridges that link pre-clinical years to clinical years and clinical years to working life.

CSC provides learning modules that complements the curriculum. It involves syllabus from year 1 till year 5 of medical school. The platform focuses on hybrid learning which includes online learning platform before proceeding to onsite skill training.

The main objectives are for the undergraduate students to be able to:
  • Acquire task based clinical skills
  • Acquire knowledge links from preclinical to clinical years
  • Understand the role of house officer and member of the clinical team in the ward and ward process
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills including referrals and handover ​
The modules available currently includes Focused Skills Station (FSS), Ward module, Critical Care module and Bedside Teaching module. Two more modules that will be ready soon includes Virtual Reality and Ultrasound. All the modules are incorporated in the medical curriculum, complete with e-portfolio which incorporates e-certificates and e-learning passports.

Apart from that, CSC opens to workshops or conferences and provides micro-credentialing programmes for UiTM staff and public.


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